In part one, our experts shared their knowledge about the precautions you should take to avoid getting your coupon or promo code rejected. First, you need to make sure that you are not at fault. However, there is always the possibility that the store or website has made a mistake. Here is how you deal with rejected coupons and promo codes:

Stay Calm

stay calm

People don’t take rejection very well and will go into defensive mode. You will keep insisting that you are right. That is fine, as long as you do it in the right manner. No matter what, don’t get angry or flustered if your coupon gets rejected. Stay calm and politely ask the cashier why they didn’t accept the coupon.

If you are on a system, enter the code again. Close the website and reopen it. Try opening the website on another browser. Reboot the system. If you are using an app, restart the app. If none of these work, then you can contact the store. If you keep a level head, you will not be blamed.

Check for Mistakes

Check for Mistakes

It could always be a problem on their end due to technical difficulties or confusion. Make sure that it is an issue related to the coupon and not the system. Unless the store clerks are robots, they won’t be flawless.

They may be an intern, a newly hired staff member, or simply undertrained. Some of them may have never dealt with a coupon before. Either way, you should keep your cool. Frustration is one of the 4 Worst Rookie Couponing Blunders, so be sure to avoid it.

If the employee is not budging, politely ask to speak to a manager or representative who should be more knowledgeable on the coupons.

Explain the Situation

explain the situation

When you talk to the higher-up, you need to stick to the facts and not be overwhelmed by emotions. Start from the beginning. Don’t throw out accusations or raise your voice as this will paint you in a negative light.

Some stores may be confused by the wording on the coupons. For example, ‘Redeemable at all Reliance Stores’ is different from ‘Redeemable only at Chennai Reliance Stores’. In the first case, you can use the coupon for another store, but not so in the second case.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this. If you are sure that you are in the right, explain the coupon to the other person. This will help clear up the confusion and hopefully resolve your dilemma.



There are times when no matter what gymnastics you do, where you go, or who you contact, the coupon still doesn’t work. Maybe the manager was busy and you weren’t allowed to talk to them.

Ultimately, it is the store’s decision and you need to respect that. You can try using the coupon in a different store or just not buy the item altogether. Whatever the case, be sure you leave on friendly terms with the store.

You just have to accept the fact that not all coupons and promo codes are functional. Some will be declined. Consider it a lesson learned and be more careful next time. Don’t worry. If one coupon doesn’t work, you still have a hundred more to choose from!

Use Reputable Websites

use reputed websites

In most cases, the coupon website is at fault for causing you misery. There are a lot of websites that trick the user or are uninformed of the differences between fake and real coupons. That is why your first step should be to get the coupons from a reputable website. This will avoid discomfort later on.

Reputable coupon sites make sure that the coupons they offer follow the guidelines. These places carry only genuine coupons and promo codes.

One such website is Our employees sift through the website every day and weed out the ineffective coupons. Old and useless promo codes are quickly removed from the site so you get the best experience. Your next step should be to use promo codes and coupons from DesiPromoCode. Start saving today!