Sports Wear and workout essentials for women

For all those who love working out or are planning to hit the gym these are some essential items that you wanna have before you join. Here we bring you a list of necessary accessories that you might need and if you don’t already own one its high time you grab them right away.

1. Socks

One essential and most required item is socks. These ankle length socks are comfortable and can be used on a daily basis.


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2. Shoes

Investing in good pair of shoes while you’re hitting the gym is very important. Also keep in mind that the life of any shoe is between 6 to 8 months if worn on a daily basis.


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3. Duffle bag

This bag can help you store all your shakes, gloves, water bottle and towels and other gym necessaries.

duffle bag

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4. Watch

This smart watch helps you track number of steps, calories burnt and alarms. Keep a track of these and stay fit.


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5. Yoga mat

Doing exercises on the mat is the best rather than doing it on floor as you might lose the grip.

yoga mat

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6. Knee support

Doing squats and other exercises can cause you knee pain and it’s better to have a knee support belt.

knee support

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7. Track suit

Confused on what to wear for gym? We have a few varieties for you to pick up for yourself. Gym wears can really make you gear up for workouts.

track suit

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8. Dumbbells

For those who prefer to work out at home, this kit is just for you.


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