Home Improvement items

If you’re setting up your new home or improvising your old house, these are those items that can enhance your home and also make your life much easier and simpler. Go through our list and know what you need for your sweet home.

1. Foldable ladder

foldable ladder

Ladder is very necessary as we might have a lot of stuff in the loft and may want to use them or to clean the ceiling and fans, a ladder is must. One main issue is ladders occupy a lot of unwanted space and we have a solution for that. This ladder is foldable and easy to use.

You can buy this at:http://www.amazon.in/Bathla-Sure-Step-Handy-Ultra-Stable/

2. Bathroom corner shelves

bathroom corner shelves

These corner shelves can help you organize your shampoos and other stuff that you might need in the bathroom. Corner shelves are easy to fix and doesn’t occupy a lot of space. You can also fix them in the other areas of house too.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/Klaxon-Corner-Glass-Shelf-Set

3. Video door phone

video door phones

A lot of cases of theft and other various crimes are constantly in the news. Setting up a video phone will help you know who is there outside the door and can help you stay aware of what’s happening.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/video-door-game

4. Quick spin mop

quick spin mop

This spin mop bucket is built in with wheels to carry around the house and the mop gives a 360 degree cleaning and helps in reaching at every corner of the house.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/Gala-e-Quick-Wheels-Bucket-Cleaning

5. Socket charger

socket charger

With lot of chargers and laptops to connect to, a multi socket charger is a must buy. Don’t forget to invest in a good charger as a good one can run for a really long number of days.

You can buy this at: https://www.flipkart.com/belkin-essential-8-socket-surge-protector

6. Home lock

home lock

It is very important to have the right lock for your home. Just a normal traditional lock is very easy to break through and is less secure. Go for smart triple locks like the one below. This makes sure that your house is locked and is safe whenever you’re not at home or not in town.

You can buy this at: https://www.flipkart.com/godrej-ultra-vertibolt-texture-brown-1ck-lock/

7. Laundry bag

laundry bag

This laundry bag is more like an organizer, it makes sure that the unwashed clothes are not piled up everywhere and is put right in to the laundry bag. It is compact and doesn’t take a lot of space.

You can buy this at: https://www.flipkart.com/achintya-20-l-multicolor-laundry-bag/

8. Hand tool kit

hand tool kit

This is an all in one tool kit, comes handy for almost anything that has to do with your house. This definitely is a must buy.

You can buy this at: https://www.flipkart.com/powermaxx-mega-maxx-multi-purpose-power-hand-tool-kit/

9. First aid kit

first aid kit

Emergency can knock your dooranytime therefore afirst aid kit has to be in everyone’s house.

You can buy this at: https://www.flipkart.com/st-johns-first-aid-sjf-p5-kit/

10. E-Safe

e safe

Electronic safe can be used to secure all your valuables in your house. It is locked with a password and opens only by using that. If you’re having any higher worth of valuables, it is always better to own a safe.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/Godrej-Access-Electronic-Safe