Home Decor

Whether shifting to a new home or renovating your home or just to add up that element to your sweet home, we bring you a bunch of items that can really change the look of your rooms. Sometimes those little elements add so much to your set up and also as home is something so close to everyone’s heart, why not decorate it and give it a life and that change it needs. So go ahead and have a look at what we have for you and get creative and innovative in decorating your home.

1. Show piece

Show piece

Show pieces in the living room can add so much definition to it and this cute little pair of ducks with their aluminum and golden charm cannot fail to impress anyone.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/dp/B00YPITO4G/

Price: Rs.549

2. Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers

Wall stickers have that magic of instantly changing the look and feel of your room. Depending on what you want to reflect, you can accordingly choose what kind of stickers you want to use. The best part is they are super-duper affordable.

You can buy this at: https://www.amazon.in/aquire-small-pvc-vinyl-sticker

Price: Rs.99

3. Photo frames

Photo frames

Frame your memories and give that personal touch to your room by adding some frames either themed or by using black and white photos, you can give a vintage feel like this image above.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/Home-Photo-Frame

Price: Rs 1510

4. Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns

With lot of décor inspirations and trends passing by on pinterest, one that’s the easiest is these paper lanterns. You can hang them in your dining areas or living room to give that soothing light effect which is so easy and yet looks classy.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/Theme-My-Party-Round-Lanterns/

Price: Rs 450

5. Paintings


Any house interiors cannot just be done without some paintings hung here and there. Don’t worry if you’re not artistic, you can buy them online depending on the theme of your house and also your interests.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/Floral-Painting-Fabric-46-99-Maroon

Price: Rs 754

6. Wall mirrors

Wall mirrors

Mirrors are a necessity and why not make it a bit fancy by bringing in some designs around the mirror which kind of makes your room look and feel better along with serving its purpose.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/Hosley-Decorative-Star-Shaped-Mirror

Price: Rs 2879

7. Clock


With smart phones coming in, though we don’t look at the clock too much anymore, living rooms definitely needs one, why not buy some trendy and cool clocks to jazz up your living room.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/Milan-Pendulum-Decorative-Wall-Clock

Price: Rs 475

8. Shelves


Shelves are an amazing way to build in your rooms. These readymade shelves can easily be fitted and can draw anyone’s attention.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/Onlineshoppee-Floating-Shape-Wooden-Shelf

Price: Rs 799

9. Vintage Gramophone

Vintage Gramophone

Vintage pieces cannot be ignored when you’re thinking of home décor, this vintage gramophone is just too cute to not buy.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/ITOS365-Handmade-Vintage-Dummy-Gramophone/

Price: Rs 332

10. Ceramic vase

Ceramic vase

Vase can be used in different sizes depending on which room you’re decorating and also your personal choice. Generally it is noticed that living rooms are usually seen which huge flower vases and in bedrooms you can decorate them with small vases on side tables of your bed.

You can buy this at : http://www.amazon.in/Turkceramics-Relief-Vase-25-Blue/

Price: Rs 2200