Gardening Supplies

For anyone out there who’s passionate about gardening or is a beginner or needs a stress buster, you’re at the right place. You can actually start off with the basic plants that you would want to grow, and then slowly improvise as time passes by. Here are few of the necessary things that you would need before you begin your gardening.

1. Gardening tools

These are some of the basic tools such as shovel, rake and fork. These can be used for digging, planting, or weeding.

Gardening tools

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2. Desk Planters

Carry that vibe to your work desk too! These are some cute little plant holders that can help you decorate your desk and also create that positive energy around.

Desk planters

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3. Sprayer

Owning a sprayer is a must. Sprayers can be easy to handle and does not create too much mess around. This is multi-purpose sprayer, as plants might need fertilizers, insecticides, neem oil, pesticides along with water, this can come handy


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4. Seeds

Amazon has a wide variety and range of seeds across different families and different plants. Depending on your choice and interests you can go ahead and buy the seeds that can make your garden fill in with the right plants that you just need. Do not forget to check out the ratings and reviews of the seeds before you go ahead buy them.


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5. Hanging pots

Gone are those days that you don’t have plants inside the house, you can bring these hanging pots home and decorate your home according to your
interest. If you’re that person who doesn’t want plants inside your house, you can as well hang them at the entrance and they can add so much detail to it.

Hanging pots

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6. Gloves

Gloves are very important as plants might have some infection or can have some thorns that might hurt you or even the tools that you use, it’s important to be aware and also not wearing your gloves can make your hands dirty.


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7. Agro plant containers

There are a lot of varieties of plant containers in the market. We bring you these agro plant containers which can be used both indoor and outdoor. They make the garden look more organized and easier to clean.

Agro plant containers

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8. Vermi compost

These are used for better plant growth. There are times that the plants face a slow growth or doesn’t seem healthy, using this can help the plants grow better and can boost the growth.

Vermi compost

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9. Hedge shears

Once your plants are grown to a certain extent and needs that little grooming to have that shape and length, owning these hedge shears can make the work super easy for you. They give you that precise and close cut and help you give a finished look to your plants.

Hedge shears

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10. Light up your garden

Gardens in the night can look so beautiful and adding a little lighting could make it much better. Grab these and fix them to your garden and give them that look like never before

light up your garden

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