Health and grooming

Health and grooming are those departments which we generally tend to ignore due to our busy life schedules. These basic health and grooming products mentioned here will help you make your life a bit easier. Have a look at these and know what you don’t have already.

1. Weighing scale

weighing scale

Drinking lots of water and eating right is very important to stay healthy. Keep a track of your weight by using a weighing scale and through BMI understand your height and weight balance.

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2. Blood pressure monitor

blood pressure monitor

In this generation, even teenagers are having either a high or a low BP. If you have any old age family members then without any second thought invest in a BP monitor.

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3. Vaporizer


Suffering from cold, cough and fever is very common.Vaporizer helps in keeping you warm and helps you heal quicker. Apart from this you can also use this to open up your skin pores as part of your skin care routine.

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4. Thermometer


This a basic necessity as fever and cold makes visits without any invitation and if its winters then its unavoidable. Owning a thermometer really helps in knowing if the temperature is too high for a visit to the doctor.

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5. Fitness band

fitness band

Fitness band tracks steps, calories burnt, distance, time active and also come with a progress bar and percentage of targets achieved. For all the fitness freaks, this is just what you need.

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1. Epilator


If you don’t find time for waxing and not really liking the finish with razors, epilators could be your best friend. They remove hair from the roots and its reusable.

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2. Facial massager

facial massager

Facial massagers boost blood circulation and help your skin nourish and makes it look healthier. You can use face creams or oils that you have to apply on your skin and massage it gently with a massager in circular motions.

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3. Dryer and straightener combo

hair dryer

Who doesn’t need a dryer and a straightener? They make our lives simpler on a day to day basis and are a must in everyone’s essential kit.

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4. Veet Sensitive touch trimmer

veet trimmer

This product is such a blessing. They are designed for sensitive areas and can be used safely. Apart from that you can use it on eyebrows or underarms as well.

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5. Pedicure and Manicure kit

pedicure kit

Women who don’t find time to groom their selves for a manicure or pedicure, don’t worry, you can do it at home and achieve similar results. We have gathered all the products that you’ll require for your manicure and pedicure process.

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