With lot of trends hitting the market for adults, kids are no backward. Online shopping for kids has a huge variety of clothes with different sizes depending on their age groups. Here we bring you few of the latest trends for girls and we have sectioned the clothes according to the age groups. All you mommies check out all the coolest clothes that your baby girl can look the prettiest in.

1. Party Dress

party wear

This pretty peach dress with a beautiful flow in the bottom would make your girl look like a princess. For any events or birthdays, this dress would be perfect.

You can buy this at: https://www.flipkart.com/toy-balloon-kids-girl-s-maxi-full-length-party-dress/

2. Top wear

top wear

Denims are too good to not wear. This denim shirt is prefect for layering or even wearing it as a top.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/612-League-Girls-T-Shirt

These are a set four casual tees for days after school or casual outing.

You can buy this at: https://www.flipkart.com/sini-mini-casual-cotton-top/

Price: Rs 719

3. Bottoms


These are casual capris and can be worn comfortably for playing after school. Pair them up with some casual tees and they are good to go.

You can buy this at: https://www.flipkart.com/ocean-race-capri-girls-solid-cotton/

These jeggings could be paired up with some party blouses or tops and jeggings being a perfect fit can finish their look like nothing else.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/Cherokee-Girls-Jeggings

4. Overalls


Overalls have made a comeback in the fashion trends so why not our kids rock them too?

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/United-Colors-Benetton-Overalls-17P3BKX582LEI901-901-Pink

5. Pull overs


Winters and pullovers go hand in hand. This one is a full sleeved and makes your child stay warm.

You can buy this at: https://www.flipkart.com/fs-mini-klub-full-sleeve-solid-girls-sweatshirt/

6. Jumpsuit

jump suits

Jumpsuits are easy to wear and also they are trendy at the same time like the one we have here.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/Cherokee-Girls-Jumps

7. Blue sweater

blue sweater

This sweater with floral print makes it the cutest ever.

You can buy this at: http://www.amazon.in/United-Colors-Benetton-Girls-T-Shirt

8. Ball Gown

ball gown

This beautiful blue gown is so pretty and elegant; your girl child will love it.

You can buy this at: https://www.flipkart.com/aarika-ball

9. Minion tee

minion tee

Who doesn’t love minions?

You can buy this at: https://www.flipkart.com/minions-girls-graphic-print-cotton-polyester-blend-t-shirt

10. Jeans


Denims in every girl’s wardrobe are a must.

You can buy this at: https://www.flipkart.com/gini-jony-regular-girls-dark-blue-jeans/