Sewing and do it yourself (DIY) supplies

This article is dedicated to everyone who loves sewing or getting creative with art and fabrics. You can make this your hobby whenever you find time and make something productive and something that you love doing. We have gathered a list of supplies that might be useful for you in the process of creating something new.

1. Sewing kit

This travel sewing kit can come handy any time. It has everything that you might need to stitch something. From thread to scissors, this kit holds everything.

sewing kit

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2. Sewing machine

For all those of you who are passionate about tailoring or designing, it is must to own this machine which works amazingly well and is an electric sewing machine which is easy to use.

Sewing machine

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1. Inch tape

If you don’t own an inch tape then invest in one as it is important in terms of measuring the size and also can be used to measure yourself if you’re in to fitness.

inch tape

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For all the art lovers there, we bring you a list of essentials which include various types of colors such as poster colors, oil paints, fabrics and also mixing palette, different brushes, canvas boards and also sheets for oil paintings.

1. Poster colors

poster colours

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2. Oil paints

oil paints

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3. Fabric colors

fabric colours

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4. Brushes


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5. Palette


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6. Canvas board

cavas board

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7. watercolor papers

watercolor papers

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You can begin with knitting socks and scarfs which are a bit easy and then move on to sweaters and tops. You can make them for new born babies or gift them to your loved ones. These are few of the essentials you’ll need while knitting.

1. Crochet knitting needles set

Crochet knitting needles set

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2. knitting wool

knitting wool

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With lots and lots of videos coming up for DIY’s we all are inspired to do something all by ourselves. You can start making them whenever you’re free and we bring you two DIY kits that you can start with.

1. Jewelry making kit

Women and jewelry go hand in hand. This kit helps you get creative and make your own jewelry and flaunt it. The kit consists of everything you would need to make your own jewelry.

Jewelry making kit

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2. Teddy making set

Make your own teddy with this kit. It is very easy to make and consists of a complete set of everything that will go in to in making your own teddy.

Teddy making set

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