When you progress from school to college, it’s a new start, a new experience both in life and in education. For experiencing this new educational life and to give yourself an easy and organised academic guide with excellent results, some essentials allow you to be prepared for whats to come.

1. Notebooks


When you think of college classes, you immediately think of yourself taking notes, and obviously you require notebooks. Spiral notebooks are generally preferable as they allow you to use the paper for other purposes. But composition books can be really helpful for a better organised set of notes relating to whatever subject you need notes for. These days, notebooks come in different styles, colours, designs, letting you choose what inspires you to actually use it for taking down information.


2. Pens


Well, now that we have our notebooks, pens are a need. Well, finding gel or ball point pens, even ink pens, anything that catches your eyes, that sprout your interest, help your creativity.


3. Pencils


Mechanical pencils are very useful for doing calculations and math, cause when you are solving math equations, mistakes are bound to happen. They save the work of sharpening a wooden pencil and avoid a mess. They even provide a great grip and you can get them in different colours and even in different designs, plastic and m


4. Agenda


What’s college without a planner , well an agenda keeps you organized and guides you through your schedule every day, week after week. It helps you plan out your day, without any hassles. When you know when your classes are, you can make time for other activities. Even during your most busy days, an agenda keeps you scheduled allowing you to know what your whole plan for the day is without confusion.


5. Binders


Sometimes, you are overwhelmed with the amount of homework and assignments you get and to organised that, binders are a must, they allow you to keep track of all the loose papers and assignment sheets that you have lying around. Binders also, come in different designs, colours and even varying ring sizes.


6. Papers


For your files and for random running notes, college ruled paper are the most useful and ideal. These filler papers are very helpful when you don’t have your notebook or when you just need a single sheet of paper.


7. Back pack


When you go to college, you might need a proper bag to carry your books and whatnot. Bags that are 21 litres are most ideal and bags with separate pockets for your laptop. Waterproof bags are also preferred if you live in a place that rains or snows a lot.


8. Highlighter pens


When you are going through your textbooks preparing for a tough exam, highlighters help you to highlight the important points and main point you need to study, making it easier. Various colours can divide the importance of each topic and moreover, its fun.


9. Post its


Now on the other hand, if you don’t want to spoil your textbook, post its are the next best thing. You can write down important point sand stick them anywhere. It makes it easier for your preparation in many ways. Post its are also great for to-do lists in your day to day life. They come in many bright colours that attract your eye so you don’t miss anything.


10. Laptop


The most important essential when you start college, a laptop. You don’t need notebooks for notes if you have a laptop. Taking notes, presentations etc becomes easier on a laptop. So according to your needs, getting yourself a laptop that can perform what you want can give you the best educational experience you wanted.