Let us first start with coffee, here are the top 10 spots that you need to visit if you are a coffee lover

Top Coffee Spots

1. Cafe Coffee Day

cafe cofee day

Café Coffee day is India’s largest coffee conglomerate and is one of the most favorite coffee shop among all Indians. It started in 1996 and since the expanded to every city and is now serving more than 1500 outlets. The most famous slogan of Café Coffee Day is “A lot can happen over a Coffee”.

2. Indian Coffee House

indian cofee house

This is a restaurant chain that is present in nearly 400 outlets and is run by a series of working cooperative society members. The Indian Coffee House is one of the oldest coffee shop chain in India, it is also run and owned by its employees.

3. Barista Café and Restaurant


Barista Café was set up in February 2000, which then made its presence felt in over 30 cities. In 2007 this chain was taken over by Lavazza and it is now named as Barista Lavazza.

4. Costa Coffee

costa cofee

Costa Coffee is a wholly owned subsidiary of Whitbread which was famous for its Mocha Italian blend of Coffee. The first Costa Coffee was set up in London and now they have made their way to India with many outlets spanning most of the cities.

5. Brewberrys Café


This is a chain which had begun as a startup, with its first café in Gujarat. Now this café chain covers 15 cities with around 45 stores in India.

6. Café mocha

cafe mocha

This is one of the famous coffee chains which has appealing surroundings, great tasting food and coffee. They boast of giving their customers world-class service. This chain focuses mainly on simple pleasures of life with having good food, great coffee and wonderful surrounding.

7. Starbucks Coffee Company


This is a very famous American based company, where everyone knows its name. Now this famous coffee shop entered the Indian market with the help of Tata and is now mainly in few popular cities to deliver its high quality coffee.

8. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Restaurant and Café

The Coffee Bean, Tea Leaf Restaurant and Café

This café mainly focuses on producing premium coffee which it been doing since 1963. This American Coffee chain was launched in India in 2008 and has been expanding its outlets to capture the interest of coffee addicts.

9. Gloria Jean’s Coffee

gloria jeans

This is an Australian café chain which had gone global with the promise of providing highest quality of coffee to its customers. Their vision is to provide the highest quality coffee to its guests all around the world.

10. Georgia Coffee


This is a famous coffee brand from the house of Coca Cola Company. Named after Coca Cola’s home state Georgia, it has been known to serve coffee which was produced with high quality standards

If you are a Tea addict then you don’t need to worry there is a list of the top 10 Tea stations as well and it is as follows:

Here are the top Tea spots in India

1. Tea Trails

tea trails

Tea Trails was launched in suburban Mumbai in 2013 and is India’s first chain of tea cafes. The primary thought of Tea Trails is to get back customers from espresso parlors to appreciate the standard chai. They provide a variety of chai which includes white, black, oolong, herbal and specialty Indian chai these when paired with delicious snacks in an ambient environment provide the perfect hangout spot.

2. Infinitea


Launched in 2003 with over 150 tea varieties it gives its customers a complete tea experience. Infinitea has posters, pictures everywhere and the design is such that it provides a complete tea experience to customers.

3. Flurys


This is a very casual and relaxed place for people to meet in Kolkata. Their most famous tea is the Darjeeling tea which is brewed perfectly and is soothing. This when complimented with the snacks that they have in their menu, it becomes the perfect combination to the enticing tea.

4. Cha Bar

cha bar

Cha Bar is the most happening tea shop in Delhi with 86 types of tea being served there is a tea for everyone. Started in 2003 this cafe continues to draw huge number of people and makes the grooviest hangout place to have a cup of tea.

5. The Sea Lounge

sea lounge

The Sea Lounge by Taj Palace Hotel, Mumbai is an elegant and luxurious place. This place is not just about enjoying the tea but the location and the view as well. The charm that Sea Lounge provides with its architecture and the old world look along with more than 25 varieties of chai is something that you shouldn’t miss. Although it is a little expensive it has to be experienced once by all tea lovers.

6. Tea Center

tea centre

The Tea center which is located in Mumbai is the perfect location to reminiscence the old times. This nostalgic place was established in 1953 and it has the whole place set up in such a way that it reminds you of older times.

7. Dolly’s Tea Shop

dollys tea shop

This is a shop that was set up by a woman in Kolkata, who was the first woman tea taster and the first woman tea auctioneer in the world, Dolly Roy. Dolly’s Tea shop is a cozy one giving its customers a casual and relaxed feeling with the option to pick from many varieties which also include 20 different fruit flavors of tea.

8. Aap ki Pasand

aap ki pasand

This is a famous tea shop established in Delhi, giving a colonial style look which is close to the Red Fort it is the best place to relax with soothing music and have a cup of freshly brewed tea.

9. Mittal Teas

mittal teas

Mittal Teas located in Delhi is famous for its rare teas. Established in 1954 it is one of the oldest tea companies with a number of outlets available to its customers.

10. Teapot Café

teapot cafe

This is a café which is located in Kochi and is entirely based on only teas. Teapot Café is a very peculiar café with its center table which is a tea bush and most of the architecture is designed such that it resembles Tea pots or Kettles.